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Siberian Larch is an excellent natural timber product, perfect for cladding and shingles. Imported from Russia, Larch is an excellent alternative to Cedar.

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We are proud to be FSC and PEFC certified meaning
our timber is sourced responsibly.

Cladding Details:

Siberian Larch cladding is available in two grades:

  • Unsorted grade is the top grade being a mixture of grades 1 to 3.
  • Sawfalling is the standard grade being a mixture of grades 1 to 5.


The main difference between them is that Unsorted grade has fewer knots, defects and less colour variation than Sawfalling grade.

Siberian Larch is fairly dense, moderately durable and very stable so is well suited to almost all cladding and fencing projects.

Siberian Larch Cladding is generally light in colour but can have tones which vary from yellow to reddish. As with most timber claddings it will silver if left untreated. 

Alternatively you can easily stain Siberian Larch a variety of colours.


Brand: Artisan Cladding

Range: Artisan Cladding Range

Botanical Name: Larix siberica

Origin: Russia

Grade: Unsorted or Sawfalling

Structural Properties: Hard, dense timber, colour of heartwood can change from yellowish – brown to pink – brown

Stability: Minimal movement with boards containing heartwood only

Density: 590 kg/m3

Durability: Moderately durable

Recommended Wastage: 10-15%

Standard Width: 144 MM

Standard Lengths: 6-20 ft.

Standard Thickness: 19 MM

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Siberian Larch will ‘silver’ over time if left unattended. Alternatively to help preserve the colour we recommend and can supply UV resistant cladding oil. 

At this time we only supply cladding, however, we may be able to recommend local installers.

Current delivery times are 4-6 weeks from order.

Yes we can offer several fire treatment options, please contact us for more details.

We have a range of sample boards outside our showroom.

Recent Customer Reviews

“A great company to work with! The commitment that was shown by Artisan Timber during the re-cladding of our property exceeded all expectations. From the first contact to the finished result, nothing was too much trouble, and the attention to detail was first class. The result is “stunning” and a true reflection as to the expertise shown by this firm. Very impressive! and much appreciated.”

– Gordon Casbeard

“We were very impressed with the outstanding service we received from Artisan Timber. We had a vague idea of what we wanted but with the help of some expert advice and knowledge we were able to make a decision and our home has been transformed. I now have a happy wife, thank you! ”

– Jeremy Pontin